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Introducing the IIR Blog Centreville Labor Series

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The information on this blog series is based on data collected by researcher Louise Puck, who has carried out qualitative research at the Centreville Labor Resource Center. The foundation of the research was built on interviews that consisted of a brief narrative followed by semi-structured questions.  The aim of the study was to examine the value of a day laborer's social network and the importance of acquiring English language skills and vocational skills to obtain employment. The objective was to find out if those factors impact the day laborers' success in becoming active participants in the Northern Virginia labor force. We decided to reach the day laborers at the CLRC, as our goal was to reach day laborers, who were actively pursuing employment.

To shed light on the motivations and experiences of this population, the Institute for Immigration Research is publishing the series in both English and Spanish on its website at Subjects range from why they migrate to how they adjust to American life and what their plans are for the future. A more detailed report of findings from this project is due for release in January.

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